10 Hudson Yards

10 Hudson Yards
Artists View of the Hi-Line integrating with 10 Hudson Yards

The first skyscraper to be topped out within the massive Hudson Yards development. Located on the most southern point of the complex, it is an 878 foot, 52 story office tower, with some retail space at the bottom, but is adjacent and connected to the large retail complex currently being constructed.

Entrances to the building will be along 10th Ave. and also above 10 Ave., along the High Line Park, which is harmoniously integrated into the tower.

Pisa has come to New York!

Also called the South Tower or Tower C, the all glass structure is a futuristic looking building, as it appears slanted towards the east side. A much welcome architecture that escapes the straight up and down office towers that fill many of Manhattan’s streets. The building, along with its partner towers in the complex almost put to shame such ‘pencil’ looking buildings as 432 Park Ave.

10 Hudson Yards is a column free office building with floor-to-ceiling windows. Some of the tenants will be L’Oreal and Coach. It was designed by Ken Pederson Associates and has LEED Gold certification. The building has storm proof construction throughout, a thermal micro-grid, advanced lighting controls and a central chilled water distribution plant.

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