Hudson Yards – A Welcome Development on Manhattan’s West Side

Hudson Yards
One might wonder why there has been never been any tall buildings constructed below 34th Street, with the one exception of course – the Wall Street area. Well, wonder no more. A magnificent project of unmatched proportions, consisting of office buildings, apartments, hotels, retail stores and parks is about to rise on Manhattan’s west side. Located in the Chelsea district, it is called the Hudson Yards.

This urban renewal project will result in the largest private real estate development in history and the largest building complex since Rockefeller Center. The project will be developed by Related Companies, a leading real estate firm and Oxford Properties, a prominent development company. The planning, funding and construction will be jointly carried out by the City of New York, the State of New York and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

To understand the significance of the Hudson Yards development, we can look at the map below and see that it extends from 30th Street on the south to 34th Street on the north and from 10th Ave. on the East to the West Side Highway on the west.

Map of the Building Locations at the Hudson Yards

The #7 line has been extended from Times Square to its new stop at 34th Street and 11th Avenue, appropriately called Hudson Yards Station. In 2013, the New Jersey Assembly passed Resolution 168 that supports an additional extension of the 7 train into Hoboken and Secaucus. This will be the first time a New York City subway line will cross into another city and more significantly, into another state. When completed, it will be a most convenient time saver for New Jersey residents who commute into Manhattan, as well as provide a direct line into Times Square and Grand Central.

The buildings willl feature heat mapping to track crowds and energy usage, as well as contain sensors to collect data about noise levels, energy and water usage. Organic and solid waste collection and recycling will use 45 mile per hour pneumatic tubes installed by Envac, so garbage trucks will not need to be used. New York University’s Center for Urban Science and Progress is also designing the infrastructure with Hudson Yard’s developers. Adaptable technology will be designed so updates to the infrastructure can be performed as new technological advances materialize.

The first phase is due to be completed between 2015 and 2018. It includes the opening of several office towers, the 878 foot, 52 story South Tower at 10 Hudson Yards and the 1,268 foot tall, 92 story North Tower at 30 Hudson Yards. The building is expected to be fully occupied by 2018. The tower will be the new home to HBO, CNN, Warner Bros., Time Warner, and Wells Fargo Securities, and will consist of retail stores and restaurants. The building was designed by Bill Pederson of Kohn Pederson Fox Associates and it has been certified to be LEED gold. In the center of it all will be the 1,009 foot Office/Hotel/Condo Tower, labeled 35 Hudson Yards.

A total of 17 million Square of space has been allocated for this mega project and will include 14 acres of open space. #10 and #15 Hudson Yards will directly connect to the famous Hi-Line park, which now runs along 10th Ave. and has been extended to wrap around the Yards. Below the buildings are the 30 active train tracks. They will be covered by a massive platform that will hold the three towers, the retail complex and the a six-acre public square.

We hope that the Hudson Yards will be the first of many new developments and will be an inspiration for other developers to consider building new and even more thought-provoking architecture in Manhattan’s underdeveloped regions.

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