Tokyo Sky Tree – The Tallest Building in Japan

Tokyo Sky Tree BuildingThe Tokyo Sky Tree is a radio and television tower that is a symbol of the Japanese capital by being the tallest attraction and building in Japan. Having a height of 634 meters, it has become the 2
nd tallest structure and skyscraper in the world. There is also a very large shopping center with an aquarium in it. More than hundred architects and engineers have worked hard to create this tallest building in Japan.

This tower is surrounded by the traditional downtown areas of Mukojima and Asakusa and is a key rail transport for buses. Several streets converge towards the focal point perpendicular to the axis where the tower lies. It basically invites people to come along these streets with those 3-doored designed.

Original Concept

The tower was built by engineers and architects keeping three things in mind. Firstly, the tower would have a futuristic design outlying the traditional beauty of Japan. Secondly, it will serve as a security contributing to disaster prevention. Lastly, it was a means for revitalizing and renewing the city of Japan. Each side of the Sky Tree is an equilateral triangle which measures approximately 68 meters.


The tower is primarily designed to transmit radio waves for the broadcast of a new generation of ground wave television. Thai being said, this tower has also served as the symbol of renewal of the city of Japan and not to forget, the protection of the cultural tradition.


As mentioned above, on the base of the Sky Tree, this tallest building in Japan has the largest shopping center in Tokyo which is called as the Tokyo Solamachi. It has more than 300 shops, entertainment facilities and restaurants, namely the Sumida Suizokukan and the Samui Aquarium. These entertainment facilities and restaurants are located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Tokyo Solamachi Mall. Having a modest size and really good designs, the aquarium is home to 10,000 sea creatures. Wouldn’t you like visiting it at least once if you are in vicinity?

Additionally, the tower has a public area and an observation platform too. The Tembo Deck, with a capacity of more than 2,000 people, has excellent views, extending up to 3 levels. The upper floor has really large windows offering some of the best panoramic views of Japan. Also, the middle floor has a restaurant, namely the Musashi Sky, and a gift shop which serves French-Japanese fusion. The ground floor has glass panels in the floor and a café providing you amazing and delicious types of food and Japanese dishes.

Furthermore, the Tembo Gallery connects the Tembo Deck and is the world’s highest bridge. This gallery features a spiraling and sloping ramp which flows through the tower. The visitors enjoy the dizzying heights of the tower.

If you are in the vicinity, you should definitely give a try visiting this second largest tower in the world and tallest tower in Japan.

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