One Vanderbilt: A Building That Will Change Midtown Manhattan’s Skyline’s East Side

In the not so distant future, a few buildings will change the skyline of New York City. One of them is One Vanderbilt (AKA One Vanderbilt Place). This superstructure is currently under construction in Midtown Manhattan, just north of Grand Central station. Construction started in early 2016 and is expected to be completed by mid 2020. Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox, One Vanderbilt will stand 1,514 ft high once it’s complete, making it the second tallest building in New York City and the western hemisphere, after One World Trade Center and the Nordstrom Tower.

The skyscraper will have 65 floors, spanning over 1.6 million square feet. Once complete, the building will have access to Grand Central Terminal: one of the busiest subway stations in the world. SL Green Realty is developing the building and once it’s complete, it’ll be labeled as LEED Gold. One Vanderbilt is expected to revive the real estate market in the midtown East area. Tapering volumes and angled cuts that scroll upward are what the building has been planned with. Schedule to open in 2021, One Vanderbilt will meet Midtown East’s market demands.

The building will have an elegant shape and it’s path to Grand Central Terminal is organized at the base by a series of angled cuts. This reveals the spectacular cornice of the Vanderbilt corner: For nearly a century, this view has been obstructed. The Grand Central Concourse Level B1 is connected to Transit Hall via a grand stair. Also, to reach Dining Level B2, you can use an escalator. Finally, there is a separate elevator to reach the new East Side Access.

As part of One Vanderbilt’s construction, some improvements to the station are being planned. Some of the proposed improvements include a waiting room in the building’s lobby for the commuter, new subway station mezzanines and exits, and an underground connection between One Vanderbilt and Grand Central Terminal. The total cost of these improvements is expected to be more than two hundred million dollars.

Paying homage to the Grand Central Terminal is what One Vanderbilt looks to do. Furthermore, it’s been designed to integrate intermittently into the skyline with the Chrysler Building. The latter is only a block away from One Vanderbilt. A 4500 square feet lobby is expected to be a part of the skyscraper’s base. Once complete, One Vanderbilt is expected to have a public transit hall at the base and class ‘A’ commercial space. Other building facilities include retail, parking garage, a garden, and offices.

Glass and modern materials are being used in the construction of One Vanderbilt. Furthermore, its design model is environmentally friendly and Vanderbilt Avenue would be pedestrian-only. Although no exact dates have been given for its completion, One Vanderbilt is expected to be ready for sale by 2021.

Whether you’re looking for accessibility to transportation, considerable residential or commercial space, or a breathtaking view of New York City, One Vanderbilt can fulfill your ‘living’ needs. This is the reason it’s being touted as a building that will change New York City’s skyline.

Nordstrom Tower: A great addition to NYC’s Skyline

Also known as Central Park Tower and 217 West 57th Street, which is its address, the Nordstrom Tower will be a residential super luxury condo skyscraper. Currently under construction, it was developed by Extell Development and once it is complete, it will stand 1775 feet high, which is one foot less than the Freedom Tower’s height of 1776 feet ‘out of respect’. This will make the Central Park Tower the second tallest building in the United States and in terms of roof height, the building will surpass the Willis Tower in Chicago to become the tallest in the U.S. Situated between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the building was designed jointly by Gordon Gill and Adrian Smith Architecture. However, designing the base’s wavy glass which will be the department store was the responsibility of James Carpenter Design Associates.

Central Park Tower is set to have a 131 floors and will be the third New York City building to surpass 100 stories. That is more floors than any building in the Western Hemisphere and Europe. The first seven floors will comprise the Nordstrom Department Store, while the eighth to twelfth floors will have resident amenity spaces.

The overall residential space of the tower and residential units is 86,780 meters. If you divide that figure into the hundred and eighty-three units that have been listed, you’ll get an average condominium size of over 474 meters. However, the sizes of the units will vary i.e. some will bigger and some smaller. According to the building’s floor plan, residents will start on the 12th floor. Six units are what some of the lower floors are expected to have. However, as we go higher, the units will start to reduce. Therefore, the higher floors will feature fewer residential units than the lower floors.

Floors 47 to 66 will have two units each. The 68th and 69th floors will have a duplex. Floors 70 to 88 will have one unit per floor while a quadruplex will feature on the 89th to 92nd floors. The 92nd floor will also have a terrace.

If you want to move to one of the luxury condos, don’t sell your house in the suburbs just yet. Even if your house is worth $5Million, you still won’t come near the expected costs of the condos in the Nordstrom Tower. An average apartment in the building will consist of about $7,000 per square foot, so these apartments could sell for around $50 million each. Oh, you say that your home is worth $10-12Million, well maybe you would be interested in providing that as a downpayment for one of the $100 million penthouses. Believe it or not, the building is expected to be fully occupied upon completion.

The Nordstrom Tower is set to have a whole host of building amenities including a cigar room, a tenant tween lounge, a valet, retail storage for twenty-five bicycles, and residential storage for a hundred bicycles. Also, on the eighth floor of the Central Park Tower, you’ll find banquet rooms, tenant lounges, a sundeck, outdoor swimming pool and an outdoor terrace. Other building amenities will include a wading pool, a swimming pool, treatment room and an exercise room on the 10th floor.  It’s been realized that that many super-wealthy buyers “love a large apartment with full services all on one floor.”, as stated by Leonard Steinberg, president of Compass, a New York apartment-finder startup.

The Tower is expected to be completed by 2019 and once it is topped out, it’ll enhance the western skyline of Midtown Manhattan, and with a height like that, it will have an affect on the eastern skyline as well, taking some of the ‘charm’ away from the boring ‘pencil building’ – 432 Park Ave. The Nordstrom Tower, along with Vanderbilt Tower on East 42nd St. and the 1,050 foot tall residential building at 53 W. 53rd St. will certainly dilute 432’s monopoly on the eastern Manhattan skyline and that is a good thing.

The builders are expected to generate $2 billion profit from the sale of the residences and other units. This clearly indicates the appeal and demand for ultra-luxury housing on Manhattan’s ‘Billionaire’s Row”. Although there have been, a few tweaks have been made to it, the design plan of the Central Park Tower has remained largely consistent.