Basics of Architecture Design Concepts

So you want to build an apartment or office building, but you have no idea what’s involved. It would be in your interest to learn the basics of architectural design – what goes into it and why.  When yo visit an architect and explain what you need, after careful research and testing, the architect will present you with a few architectural design concepts. These designs explain to the client how the designer intends to use the space at hand. All the elements of a building  project are configured around design concepts. In simple terms, design concepts are the thread that binds all the beads (elements) of the project together. Any project that does not feature this design perspective is likely to suffer from total disarray.

Knowing the best ways of putting all the elements of the project together is the key to designing winning concepts. On paper, drafting a winning conceptualization may seem like a straightforward task, but the reality is quite different. Drafting an ‘appropriate’ architectural design is often a taxing and difficult task. However, you can make this task simple by keeping a few design concepts about drafting rules in mind.

Features of Design Concepts

There are some basic qualities that all design concepts must possess. A design must have some basic features. First and foremost, it should reference the form follow function procedure. Once complete (and that can take many months), it should be expressive. In addition, it should have aesthetic value, have its own identity and be memorable.

Knowing Exactly Who You Are Communicating With

Design concept statements are meant for notifying the audience how the designer intends to solve the architectural design problems. However, clearly communicating the most important project ‘feature’ is the main purpose of a design concept. Therefore, knowing exactly who you are talking to is important and crucial. You need to remember that not everyone will be interested in all the design problems. Finding out your audience and then drafting a design concept that answers their interests are important.

The Design Concept Must Go Beyond the Obvious

It is important for designs to go beyond the obvious. An example of an obvious design would be showing what a restaurant needs to be productive. This is something that goes without saying. Therefore, the design needs to go beyond the obvious and show ways of making the space more productive.

It does not need to include a lengthy description of each and every project feature. Rather, the main aspects that are driving the design are what you need to focus on.

The best architecture are ones that speak more about the design solutions and less about the problems. Additionally, they are selective as well as economical. You can draft a winning architectural design by either using the above mentioned ways or contacting a design drafting service.


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