Beginners Guide to Architectural Designs

Travel the world or just go to your local gotham center. Wherever we go, there beautiful buildings that can range from Gothic to Modern and they are all considered as architectural designs. Those who are in the field of architecture know the importance of a aesthetic beauty. No matter how strong the concept is, when it comes to reality, it can be an entirely different story. This is the reason for setting the design at the first place. Check out this small and quick guide for architectural designs below.

Form Follows Function

Building with Trees
First Rule: Form Must Follow Function

A notable expression, but one that is so imperative to know and understand.  American architect Louis Sullivan coined this phrase and quite appropriately, it refers to how the occupants will be living/working in the building that will ultimately result in how the structure will be designed. With that said, let’s look at some basic factors in designing a building.

Choose Tools and Hardware Wisely    

Always remember that every step you take towards forming a great architectural design will be towards the completion of building. For this reason, you must opt for the right tools and hardware for the job. Just picking hardware because of cheap rates is not a smart way to do the job. You should always opt for hardware and tools that are reliable. Choose and make smart investments.

Use Color Palette Smartly    

Another aspect in architectural designs is the usage of colors. While this may vary in every building, you must have an open frame of mind in this regard. Do not use colors just because you like them or your client does. Instead, you should keep in mind that brighter colors are good to go for bigger rooms while lighter ones are better for smaller rooms.

Create High Quality Entrances and Doors

According to Suzanne Lovell, architects must pay more attention to creating better and high quality openings and doors to achieve quality standards. Clients mostly check the quality of work by seeing the doors and windows. So, always ensure to make high quality entrances, doors and windows.

Consider Your Clients

After all, the needs of clients are the most important aspect in architectural design. Coming up with a design which is not liked by the client or not preferred by the client is of no use to anyone and it is likely you would lose business as a result. By keeping your clients’ needs in mind, you can create a better architectural design; one which your client was looking for. This can ultimately help you in finding more work down the road.

Knowledge About the Sources of Energy  

No matter what type of building you are constructing, you must always be well versed and knowledgeable about the sources of energy as to where it is coming from. Keeping this knowledge may not be included in the tools but it will definitely improve your abilities and prove that you are a better architect.

Now that you have read this quick guide, we hope you will be able to follow it and create awesome architectural structures. Good luck!

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