Bridge Construction

There are generally five categories of bridge types and a few that are hybrids (mixing the categories). Below is a list of the bridge classifications:

  • Arch
    • An engineering accomplishment that goes back to the Roman error and uses the physics of load bearing via a semi-circular pattern.
  • Truss
    • Mostly built of steel, these bridges use steel frame construction to support the roadway.
  • Beam
    • Simplistic in design, steel beams run under the roadway to support it. Used mainly to span small areas; such as, to span over a highway underneath of over a small lake.
  • Suspension
    • Uses cables that hold up the roadway across long distances.
  • Cable-Stayed
    • Currently most popular, these bridges are the most aesthetically looking and fit well when one thinks of 21st century design. From an engineering standpoint these structures are fundamentally different with regards to supporting the load.

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