The Reigning Trends of Modern Architecture

There haven’t been times in architectural history where certain trends have not been making waves in the world. Every year, architects get to experiment new things, and creative residents incorporate unique details. Eventually, some of these things become so apt and impressive that they end up setting off a trend.

This year 2016 is been no exception. We have witnessed some of the most astounding and mind blowing features that were installed in buildings and made them absolutely breathtaking. Let’s delve into the great architectural trends the year has brought us:

Large windows:

Large windows are all the rage this year and they look stunning. Windows as large as the entire wall are being installed in houses. These windows connect the outside world with the inside, so people living in the house can enjoy nature, eat, sleep and read right under the open sky and people outside would catch a glimpse of the life of people living in the house. This trend is also very energy efficient. With natural lights all day long, the bills will be lesser by a large margin and the electric energy would be reduced to the minimum. With both looks and cost efficiency, this trend is a win-win.

Open layout:

Just like the trends of large windows, people are becoming more acceptable to the natural ambiance of things. Long gone are the days when living inside four contained walls was considered cool. Houses these days are larger with more space and fewer rooms. Walls are being removed to create a more open space. Living rooms are gigantic, kitchens are spacious and bathrooms are roomy. No more breathing down each other’s neck.

House drifting towards outdoors:

The living spaces are now being carried outside of the house. Outdoor kitchens and living rooms are creating great hype with the residents and rightfully so. With outdoor being an option now, people have even more living spaces, even in a small house. Besides, who wouldn’t like to have a calm and soothing time relaxing under the sun, or cooking in the warm summer breeze?

Tech-smart homes:

Why not make our house tech-friendly when smart phones and gadgets seem to be a large part of our lives? With modern gadgets like smart home systems, wifi lights, and automatic voice recognition software, why not make our house accommodate it all? That’s exactly what people are doing this year, and they are loving it!

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