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Kaffee Partner Building Germany
Kaffee Partner Building Germany

Architecture, the symbol of cultures throughout millennium. It’s diverse designs are a testament to those civilizations of yesteryear and those of today. But architecture is not just art and design. It is a representation of a society’s lifestyles, ideologies, politics, as well as encompassing the functionality and engineering as a self-sustaining place for people to live, work , socialize and worship.

From America’s most popular architect, Frank Lloyd Wright to Spain’s pride architec,t Antoni Gaudí, we visit their innovations and discuss what brought them to these ever inspiring designs.

Now retired, Bent Philipson was instrumental in building a company that helped enhance the architectural spirit of America. His message was rooted in the people and the commitment to quality and integrity to the company’s client’s needs.

As a hybrid business, part architectural, part contractor, the company earned recognition for undertaking large complex projects and making a difference for their clients, employees and community.

But what truly set them apart from their competition was the employees. Their dedication to providing world class service, resolve for delivering exceptional work and unwavering commitment to improving the communities they served made Bent’s a great place to work.

Bent has since dissolved the company, but he dedicates this website to the hard working individuals who have built and are building some of the most magnificent structures in the US and around the world, with special emphasis to New York City, as well as a historical and current look at the buildings that has affected our lives.

Educational discussions in civil engineering and architecture are available here, as a benefit to our readers who are looking for information that they would otherwise have difficulty finding somewhere else.

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