Torre Agbar

Ben visited Barcelona spain a few years ago. Among the two architectural structures that stuck to his mind was visiting the amazing works Antoni Gaudí and visiting the cylindrical office building – Torre Agbar.

The Torre Agbar is a 38-story skyscraper located between Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer Badajoz, near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes in Barcelona and its design was made to represent the culture of Catalan (Spain). The building consists of 30,000 square feet of offices, including an auditorium, and a 9,132 square foot parking garage. The 38 stories consist of 34 floors above ground and four floors underground.

Total cost: 130 million Euros or 142 million dollars and consisted of 1170 construction workers..

It opened its doors on June 2005.

At night, the building is lit up from top to bottom, making it a welcomed site for people to see from miles around. The structure contains 4,500 luminous independant LED devices that have the ability to create 16 million colors.

Unique is its cylindrical design that spirals upward to a pointed top. The materials used in the construction of the building was concrete, aluminium and glass. The facade consists of 59,619 strips of painted sheet metal, which is used to illuminate its exterior. And similar to the Empire State Building, the colors are often used to represent holidays or special events.

The glass assists in this endeavor as is has different opacities which collaborates with the aluminium to subsequently alter the colors of the tower’s exterior.

The building’s construction consisted of 25,000 square feet of concrete and 125 tons of steel.

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