Innovative Uses of Glass in Modern Architecture

Selgas Cano Building Offices, Madrid, Spain
Selgas Cano Architecture Madrid, Spain

A building is not complete without utilizing glass in one form or another. Whether it is for decorative purposes or for serving functional objectives, the utilization of glass can be aesthetic as well as functional. Windows might be the only thing that comes to mind when we think of glass as a construction material, but that is far from the reality.

You’ll be surprised to know how creatively and innovative glass can be used to bring a new ambiance to a building or structure. Let’s discover some of the most inventive ways architects use glass to enhance their buildings.


Just because windows are the most obvious ones doesn’t mean they don’t count. With large windows, sunroofs and sunrooms, our house appears more spacious, bright and reflective; all the features of a prime architectural model. Moreover, if the house overlooks a splendid skyline or an expanse of natural beauty, then your house will only look more picturesque.

Glass Buildings

The all glass, landmarked Seagram Building, built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1958 was an inspiration of things to come. In the 1960s, there was a huge building boom in New York City, whereby office skyscrapers were rising both in Downtown and Midtown Manhattan. These buildings followed the glass facade aesthetic, which was a transformation from the concrete designs to complete glass. Many of these types of buildings were built not just in New York, but all over the world.

Today, many skyscrapers still pursue this style, but with additional adornments, such as setbacks, open atriums, curves and spires.

Glass Office

If you have seen The Selgas Cano Architecture Office located in the middle of a forest in Spain, then you’d can begin to appreciate what innovations in glass design can develop, when architectural ingenuity is at hand. Regardless of how big or small a company or workplace is, with glass they can make their office look unique, matchless that turns it into a place where everyone would dream of working.

Glass Furniture

The addition of glass furniture in the house is equally decorative as it is functional. They make space appear pristine, clean and shiny. They also have the ability to make a room look more spacious and less congregated. When used in offices, glass furniture adds a level of sophistication and ambiance that it is difficult to match.

Glass Exterior

Glasses are now used to encase the whole exterior of the house, not only providing more space for living but making the exterior of a house mind numbingly good. Wide and expansive glass walls, glass roof, and glass furniture provide an overall exquisite appearance to the house.

Public Places

Houses and offices are not the only places that could use the crafty ability of glass to look scenic. In fact, museums, chapels, and even restaurants can make the best use of this glass to provide a great and impressive experience to its visitors. Chapels like La Estancia Glass Chapel in the middle of a heavenly retreat is so serene and sheltered that people with or without faith would love to make regular visits there.


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