The Elrod House

The Elrod House
The Elrod House recently appeared on the market for staggering $10.5 million and has subsequently been sold to a mystery buyer. This remarkable five bedroom 8,900 square-foot home continues to attract a loyal following of spectators to its privileged Palm Springs location in California. Perched at the edge of a prominent ridge, the home can be seen from across the desert city. The cinematic and futuristic residence leapt into fame when it first appeared in the classic James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever in 1971.

The home is a composition of concrete, rock, and theatrical geometry. It was commissioned for interior designer Arthur Elrod in 1968. Unlike most collaborations between architect and interior designer, Elrod gave complete creative control to American architect John Lautner and his vision.

The house features a jaw dropping 60-foot wide-living room that functions as the home’s most photogenic feature. Curved sliding glass partitions open up the round living room toward a decadent pool, outdoor terrace, and unobstructed views of the valley and the mountains beyond.

The Elrod House is similar to Lautner’s other houses and is one of his most famous structures and an example of his so-called free architecture, where architecture and nature are combined. When the home was built, the soil was excavated but the rocks were kept in place. The same rocks are now part of the interior of the house and run straight through the walls and windows.

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