The Incredible Canton Tower in China

canton-tower Guangzhou China Located on the banks of the Pear (Zhujiang) River, Canton Tower is truly an incredible and unique structure that contains 360 degrees of amazing views. The tower is the center of attention in China, as it the highest structure in the country and the 3rd highest in the world. It was completed in 2010 and named Canton Tower on September 28, 2010. This building is 1968.5 feet high, having one 492 feet of antenna and 1476.38 feet of the main structure, making it the highest tower in China.

The Concept of Canton Tower

The Canton Tower has an open lattice structural form. It connects 1,100 nodes and braces several pieces and rings at the same time. It actually seems like a three dimensional puzzle. According to architect Mark Hemel, no other designer has been able to create such a complex and complicated structure like the one of Canton Tower.

The Fees

People from all over the world visit this beautiful tower in China. However, the entry is not free. There are several different forms of tickets and the prices of the tickets depend upon the selection. Though the basic tower entry fee is 50 RMB, the tickets can range from 50-350 RMB. There are zones inside the tower that people wish to visit but they would need more tickets to enter those exclusive zones. They have different and interesting attractions but the prices of the tickets vary depending upon the attractions of the zones.

Attractions at Canton Towers

Canton Tower is famous for its incredible views showing boats going up and down the Pearl River. Visitors can enjoy the spider walk by climbing outside the tower from the 33rd floor to 66th floor. The LED lights glowing and coming out from the beams around you will make you feel amazing. While you are walking on the spider walk, you will be captured in the picture. So, remember to smile and do not feel scared. You can also take those pictures as stickers, mugs, key-chains or frame them.

Moreover, one of the most famous attractions is the mega drop on the top of the tower. This ride is really interesting for eight people. It makes you face outwards with your legs hanging, letting you experience a scary yet amazing 30 meter fall in just a few seconds. Even though it is a bit terrifying, it will not fail to amaze you and get your heart beating faster. If you are really fond of taking rides, then make sure you visit it in good weather conditions because the ride is closed during rainy, windy and generally bad weather conditions.

Furthermore, there are very limited vendors inside the tower. But you need not worry about eating as the snack vending machines are placed outside the main entrance as well as in the lobby. You can grab some food from there. There are few vendors inside too but they are costly. It is good to bring your own snacks and enjoy the rides and attractions by buying tickets instead of food.

The best time to go to Canton Tower is on weekdays because very less crowd is present there. Also, it is good to go in the afternoon so that you can see the spectacular sunset view. Also, try to avoid going on public Chinese holidays and weekends for a better experience.

Do make a visit to Canton Tower if you are in the vicinity. 

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