Trump Hotel and Tower Chicago

Trump_International_Hotel_and_TowerThis famous, relatively new structure is now one of tallest in Chicago. A modern building of contemporary design and all glass facade adds to the already famous skyline of Chicago. The building was named after the real estate developer, Donald Trump and was designed by Owings and Merrill and Adrian Smith of Skidmore.

It stands at a height of 1,389 feet and 98 stories and contains 486 luxury residential condos. The building has 2,600 million square feet of flooring, with suites and penthouses that consist of 4-5 bedrooms. In addition, the structure has a luxury hotel condo with 339 guest rooms. The building includes a retail space, a hotel and condominium, a parking garage and a room hotel opened for businesses with services and limited accommodations.

The Modern Architectural Design

Besides its admirable aesthetics, the building contains setbacks that provide a visual cohesion with the surrounding skyline, aligning the setbacks with the heights of the nearby buildings. The first setback aligns with Wrigley Building, the second one aligns with the River Plaza and the last one aligns with the Wabash building. 


Until 2007, the plan for the Trump Tower included the construction of hotels. However, it was delayed until 2008 due to some issues. But later, guest rooms were opened on 4 floors and soon, it was built up to the 53rd floor. Including all the amenities, the grand opening of the hotel was scheduled to be held in April 2008. A reporter praised the hotel for its contemporary amenities and look, along with the stunning views.


A restaurant, named as Sixteen, was opened in 2008 with a terrace outside named as Trump. The eatery had several different types of cuisines, decoration, architecture, locations and astounding views.  The most attractive part of these restaurants is the 30 foot dome-shaped ceiling made up of West African wood. Furnished with Swarovski chandeliers, the diners can enjoy the beautiful experience of the view.


The Spa at Trump Tower provides gemstone-infused hydrated masques, oil massages and exfoliating salts showers. It also features a health club with an indoor pool, a private couple treatment suite, treatments rooms, saunas and a Swiss shower. A reporter also reported about the positivity in terms of ambiance of the spa and its treatment.

If you also want to enjoy and see the modern architecture in Chicago, do visit the Trump Tower if you are in vicinity. Even though it may result in you spending a significant amount of your hard earned money, the resulting experience will surely make it worth it. Enjoy!